Kill Kancer is a campaign that is aimed at killing ALL Cancers by raising awareness and money by selling Kill Kancer athletic apparel. CEO Steven Pullman lost his mother to Colon Cancer when he was 13 years old which had a tremendous impact on his and his family's life. Now he has a burning desire to kill Cancer by helping individuals going through treatment with donations and a support system via social media. For every Kill Kancer item, we sell all proceeds will be donated to a patient fighting cancer. They will also be given free Killing Kancer apparel and Killed Kancer apparel when they defeat it! We also donate to cancer foundations and to cancer research. We hope that you join in our fight to Kill Cancer! Right now we are helping Samantha Sanchez kill brain cancer! So far we have donated over 1000 dollars to her! If interested in making a donation please click here . To stay up to date on her progress please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 

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