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BCAAs + EAAs + Digestion + Hydration


Your Amino Acid supplement should be the best of the best. Why? Think about it. If you are drinking it throughout the day every dang day - it better taste phenomenal, like gold. aren't drinking it just for taste and simply for something good to drink. You are drinking it to help you build new muscle and to accelerate recovery for post workout gains. The best scenario would be to have a product that has both qualities; tastes freaking amazing and works like it should.

GROPRONTO is my second baby next to Spazmatic. I wanted to make sure that know matter what you were TRULY getting the best of both worlds.


Flavor: Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bar
  • This is what patently makes GROPRONTO different:

    • I made it taste amazing.

    A hard task when it comes to BCAA supplements. It has a taste that you don't get sick of. Not too sweet and not to bland. We went through a lot of testing to pinpoint the taste. You will be excited to take the time to mix it up because it tastes that good.


    • The digestion support ingredients are absolutely game changers.

    That bloat everyone gets is because their bodies can't digest all that food right. Everyone is having to take extra products to avoid gastrointestinal problems. Proper digestion is a huge issue with so many people.


    • The fully loaded EAAs give you more muscle building benefits.

    Coupling Essential Amino Acids with Branched Chain Amino Acids in the supplement is the key to the muscle rebuilding benefits of GROPRONTO. I mean they are essential. These EAAs play a huge part in the muscle building process, especially post workout, plus comes with many other health benefits.


    • Minimal Foam.

    It is very normal to have foam in a BCAA supplement. Tells you that it does have a good amount of Leucine powder. It still sucks leaving that Leucine (in the form of foam) in the shaker. GROPRONTO was designed to keep the foam low while maintaining high Leucine content.


    • Full Disclosure.

    No blends. Nothing to hide. I want you to know exactly what you are getting in this supplement!


    • Hydration from Great Sources

    Electrolytes help with water and mineral balance, reduce cramps, assist with exercise capacity, and play a role in muscle contractions. Some of these electrolytes in GROPRONTO come from Pink Himalayan Salt and Coconut Water Concentrate wh